Just fantastic!

You know you have a good agent when they make you feel like you are her only client. You have a great agent when she goes out of her way to find you the perfect home! Mary is a great agent. Mary was so responsive to us during our house search; she made us feel like we were her  only client. The market she services is extremely competitive and requires someone to act fast when a property comes up. She listened to our needs and we felt she had a good handle on what we were looking for. Being out of state buyers, we needed someone who would support our hectic schedule and timeline. Mary stepped up and came through every time. Mary could have easily just pushed houses that were on the market, but when the available inventory was just not meeting our needs, she was able to get us connected to a seller with the perfect home before it even went on the market. It was clear that Mary is plugged into the market and the community as she was able to give us first look at a house she thought would be a great match for our family. Not only were Mary’s instincts spot on, she also successfully negotiated the deal with the seller and made it happen. We closed on our dream home and are currently enjoying the mountain life. The only way we could have found this property was through Mary’s extensive network in the community and her ability to make a deal happen. I am confident we would not have had the opportunity to buy this home if it were not for Mary’s dedication and knowledge of the local area.